Providing high-quality, reliable and fully scalable video surveillance and ITS solutions to the public transportation market.

Since its inception TSI has focused on solving the challenges within the public transportation market. By providing products specifically designed for the industry and properly employing them, we help clients rapidly adapt to operational and security challenges.

Additionally, TSI offers a dedicated and highly skilled team of sales, engineering, operations and support personnel that have successfully implemented thousands of mobile video surveillance systems throughout North America, both in the public and private transit sectors.

Our Products

Our Goals

Our expertise in the public transportation market, and proven success are supported by our core set of goals. We’re focused on providing the highest quality products, services and value to our clients.

Advanced Products

Provide industry leading technology specifically designed for transit needs.

Exceptional Support

Help clients get the most out of their systems with the help of our dedicated and experienced staff.

Competitive Value

Offer quality products that fit all types of agency budgets from small to large.

TSI Management

TSI's management consists of a team of talented individuals with a combined 55+ years of experience in the Public Transportation and ITS industries.

Our Products

TSI offers a complete line of mobile video surveillance products for the transportation industry – including mobile Recorders, cameras, monitors, wireless and other accessories. Click below to explore our wide variety of products.

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