Key Product Features

  • Hybrid Video Management. Support for both HD(IP) and legacy analog cameras
  • Up to 32 video channels (HD/IP), 12 video channels (analog)
  • H.264 High Profile compression
  • Up to 60fps/camera (HD), 30fps/camera (analog)
  • Integrated 3 axis accelerometer
  • Up to 2TB storage (single drive), 4TB storage (dual drives)

Product Details

Resolution HD/IP: Up to 1920x1080
Analog(D1): 720H x 480V NTSC, 720H x 576v PAL
Video Standard IP Camera standards for HD
CCIR/ PAL & EIA/ NTSC (Analog)
Programmable Frame Rate (Full Motion) HD/IP: Up to 60fps/camera
Analog(NTSC): Up to 30fps/[email protected] [Up to 360fps total for 12 analog cameras]
Analog(PAL): Up to 25fps/[email protected] [Up to 300fps total for 12 analog cameras]
Power Supply 9-36V DC
Power Output 2 x 12VDC: 2 amp each output
Video Compression H.264 High Profile
Video Inputs HD/IP: Up to 32 HD/IP cameras via optional TSI network switches
Analog: 12x BNC for up to 12 analog video inputs
Hybrid: Supports any combination of HD/IP and analog cameras
Audio Inputs With HD/IP Cameras: Up to 32 [1 per HD/IP camera]
With Analog Cameras: Up to 8 thru independent microphone inputs


TSI’s NEXUS-HVR is our industry leading mobile hybrid video recorder designed specifically for the Public Transportation market. Whether looking for a full network video recorder (NVR) capability, or a video recorder that supports your legacy analog cameras, or both; TSI’s NEXUS-HVR is the answer for you. The NEXUS-HVR supports up to 32 channels of HD(IP) video, or up to 12 analog camera inputs, or any related combination of HD and analog. Additionally it supports up to 8 channels of audio for analog cameras, or 32 channels of audio for HD(IP) cameras.

Beyond video and audio, the NEXUS-HVR serves as a central hub for collection of metadata such as GPS latitude/longitude/ speed, up to 12 discrete inputs, accelerometer (G-Force) readings, and optional interfaces to other onboard systems. All data is stored on an integrated removable dual disk drive, with storage capabilities of up to 2TB on a single drive, and up to 4TB on dual drive configurations.

The NEXUS-HVR also supports a full suite of wireless viewing and download/upload capabilities over any type of IP-based wireless network. When integrated with TSI’s NexView software, the NEXUS-HVR is the mobile solution of choice for the discerning transit agency.

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