Key Product Features

  • Omnidirectional
  • Built in Amplifier
  • Ideal for bus and rail installations
  • Compact size allows for ease of placement
  • Easy installation

Product Details

Audio Sensor Chip SMD Lead Wire IL386
Sensitivity -40 +/- 3 dB
Impedance Max 2.2 KOhms
Sensitivity Reduction < -3dB @ 1.5V
Gain Auto Adjust (AGC) of 26-42 dB
Direction Omnidirectional

TransView MIC

The TransIT Solutions TransView Microphone is versatile, reliable, and ideal for bus and rail installations. When coupled with one of ourmobile Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), theTransView Microphone will enable simultaneousand synchronized sound and video recording.The TransView Microphone has a built inamplifier with a compact design. This compactdesign allows for discrete placement and easyinstallation. The microphone is an independent device (external to the DVR), which allows it tobe mounted in the appropriate location.

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